Seed Cycling for Hormonal Harmony and Vibrant Vitality

Seed cycling is a food as medicine practice, used for hundreds of years to alleviate symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances and can assist with: 

✓ PMS symptoms and irregular periods

✓ Supports fertility and conception

✓ Weight gain and fat loss challenges

✓ Hormonal acne and skin breakouts

✓ Menopause symptoms

✓ Transitioning off synthetic birth control including the pill


Meet The Seed Cycle

Meet The Seed Cycle, a little box of hope designed to help you finally restore hormonal balance, naturally. We’ve taken the guesswork out of seed cycling with our done-for-you seed blends, curated to provide exactly what you need, when you need it at every stage of your hormone health journey.

No missed doses. No DIY blending. Just the magic of seed cycling, delivered straight to your door.

Choose from a one-off purchase or opt in for a subscription to ensure you never run out. You can even seed cycle using one of our delicious bake mixes. 

What the experts are saying...

I recommend seed cycling for hormone balance in both my clinic and book, Beyond the Pill, because it is an effective and gentle way to support women's hormones.

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Dr Jolene Brighten, Functional Medicine Naturopathic PhysicianPublished January 9, 2019.

Here at The Natural Nutritionist (TNN) we use seed cycling as a natural technique to stimulate and balance the sex hormones required for menstruation, through consumption of different types of seeds throughout the month.

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The Natural NutritionistPublished June 25, 2019.

Using seed cycling to balance hormones is a natural and inexpensive alternative to using drugs, supplements, or herbal remedies.

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Marné Minard, Holistic NutritionistPublished July 2, 2019.

Seed Cycling Food-Ceutical Nutrition Support

Seed cycling is an ancient, all-natural technique that combines the best of nutritional and naturopathic practices to restore hormonal balance for women. 

Think of it like biohacking your menstrual cycle!

*This diagram is based on an average 28-day menstrual cycle. We acknowledge that not everyone's menstrual cycle is the same length, and this information is provided for reference purposes only.


Natural vs Synthetic

Hormone Balance with Seed Cycling or The Pill

The Pill
100% Natural
Balances Hormones
Rich in Vitamins
High in Minerals
No Doctor Visitors
Supports Digestion
Essential Fatty Acids

The Role of Seed Cycling in Wellness

Seed cycling provides specific nutrients such as phytoestrogens, lignans, zinc and vitamin E, to support the production and elimination of estrogen and progesterone at the exact time your body needs it during your cycle. 

Whether it’s coming off the contraceptive pill, trying for a baby or going through menopause, seed cycling can guide you gently through some of those key transitional hormonal periods of your life. 


Steph Lowe

The Natural Nutritionist

Seed cycling is one of my favourite nutritional strategies for balanced hormones, healthy periods, regular ovulation, clear skin and stable moods. I recommend The Seed Cycle to all of my clients and online community.

Loved by

Jema Lee


Seed cycling is one of my favourite recommendations for cycle support for clients looking to rebalance their cycles. It's effortless and a convenient add in for so many meals. The Seed Cycle makes this cyclical habit an easy non-negotiable daily and monthly support for all.

Seed Cycle Mini Consultation (NEW!)

Seeking Additional Assistance? Introducing Sarina Coventry, The Seed Cycle's
qualified Nutritionist (BHCs), who brings a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding
of the struggles women face when it comes to their hormones.

If you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed by all the information, or unsure where
to start with seed cycling this session is for you. Book a mini 15-minute
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