Will Seed Cycling help me with PCOS?

Will Seed Cycling help me with PCOS?

If you are researching and reading this article, I am sure you are already very aware of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). You may have been diagnosed with PCOS and experiencing symptoms such as loss of scalp hair, excess hair growth in part of the body such as the face and chest, weight gain, irregular menstrual cycle and ovulation. You may have come across seed cycling and wondering if it can help with PCOS symptoms. We are glad you have come across this and excited to tell you all about seed cycling, its phases, nutritional functions and how it can help when dealing with the root cause of PCOS and its symptoms. 

The Seed Cycling Process

The seed cycling process is very simple and involves consuming seeds at different stages of your cycle. The seeds have hormone regulation properties and basically work by helping maintain the estrogen and progesterone levels of the body. The Seed Cycle products designed by Melissa Kovacevic, Functional Nutrition and EFT Practitioner, are a convenient & easy way to seed cycle and designed to help you stick to your daily seed routine.

The Seed Cycle seed blends are certified organic, raw and freshly ground, and contain the correct daily dose required. You can mix the seed blends with other foods such as smoothies, yoghurt bowls, on top of a salad or soup. The Seed Cycle bake mixes are also a fun and nutritious way to seed cycle!

Nutritional Functions of the Seeds

Two canisters 'of The Seed Cycle product on a circular marble tray. One of the canisters is laying on it's side with seed pouring out. There are two Autumn leaves sitting next to the packaging, which is on an orange and creamy yellow backdrop. The Seed Cycle Subscription.

The Seed Cycle Phase 1 contains flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds and are taken during the first phase of your menstrual cycle (Day 1 of your period to day 14 or ovulation) or if you do not have a regular cycle Phase 1 is taken from a new moon to a full moon. The phytoestrogens particularly in the flaxseeds can assist in increasing or reducing estrogen levels as needed during the follicular phase. We love Phytoestrogens as they are beneficial plant compounds that mimic the action of estrogen.

Also found in Phase 1 the pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc which supports progesterone production in preparation for the next part of the cycle. Moving to The Seed Cycle Phase 2 during the luteal phase, lignans a polyphenol are abundant in sesame seeds and can inhibit estrogen levels from increasing dramatically during this phase. Lastly sunflower seeds found in Phase 2 are loaded with vitamin E which support and boosts progesterone levels and we believe are the reason so many customers tell us their skin clears up and glows when seed cycling.  

PCOS and Seed Cycling

PCOS can be caused by over secretion of two hormones – insulin and androgens (male hormones). PCOS symptoms can be managed with medications although there can be various reactions and side effects. More women are now turning to natural ways of reversing PCOS symptoms, balancing and supporting their hormones and seed cycling does just that! The great thing about seed cycling is that it addresses the root cause (hormonal imbalance)  

Summary – How to seed cycle (follicular and luteal phases):

  1. During Phase 1 or the follicular phase of seed cycling you consume 1 scoop of The Seed Cycle Phase 1 blend from the first day of your periods until you start ovulating or day 14 if you are unsure when you ovulate.
  2. Phase 2 or the luteal phase of seed cycling begins from day 15 or ovulation and ends at day 28 or with the start of your period. You consume 1 scoop of The Seed Cycle Phase 2 each day.
 infographic how to seed cycle with your menstrual cycle and the moon phases

Seed Cycling Using the Phases of the Moon

For many of those with PCOS, you have an irregular or no period at all. This can be very frustrating and another sign your hormones are out of balance. Historical studies have shown that the cycles of the moon or lunar cycle can be used to regulate a woman’s cycle. The moon’s influence on our bodies can include things such as promoting the release of neurohormones, sex hormones and melatonin.

 The phases of the moon make a cycle around every 28 days which is the average of a women’s menstrual cycle. It is said if a women’s hormones are healthy and balanced, then they at some stage line up with the phases of the moon. Although it may sound a bit ‘woo’ it makes sense to harness the power of the moon and seed cycling to support your hormones naturally.

How to seed cycling with the moon:

1. Consume 1 scoop (2 tablespoons) of the Phase 1 Blend during the Follicular Phase (days 1-14) or on the first day of the new moon and continuing for the 14 days following.  

2. Consume 1 scoop (2 tablespoons) Phase 2 Blend during the Luteal Phase (days 15-28) or on the first day of the full moon and continuing the 14 days following.   

During moon cycling it is still important to track your cycle. After a few months of seed cycling with the moon phases you may notice your own menstrual cycle has regulated to or closer to a 28 day cycle. This is when you can switch to seed cycling with your own follicular and luteal cycle.

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