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The Seed Cycle Phase 2

The Seed Cycle Phase 2

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Looking for a convenient way to support your hormone health during the luteal phase of your menstrual cycle? With all-natural ingredients and carefully curated blends, you can trust that our products are both effective and delicious. 


Rendering loop-subscriptions
  • Nutritionist & Naturopath Approved
  • Gluten Free
  • Backed by Science

Product information

Curated seed blends to support natural hormone balance.

Unlock the benefits of seed cycling with ultra-convenient packs designed by our team of experts. It’s the easiest way to make seed cycling a non-negotiable part of your daily routine you barely have to think about.

Phase 2 Day 15-28 Blend

A curated mix of both sesame seeds and sunflower seeds, this blend naturally supports healthy hormone balance. Each seed is brimming with lignans and Omega 6 fatty acids that work together to keep our estrogen levels in check. Plus, the sunflower seeds in this blend deliver a great source of selenium and Vitamin E which may assist with liver detoxification. 

Our Phase 2 Blend is perfect for women during the Ovulation and Luteal phase of their cycle. These seeds are rich in Vitamin E, playing a big role in balancing our nervous and endocrine system to restore optimal hormone levels in the body.

Nutritional Information


Phase 2 Ingredients

Organic Ground Sunflower Seeds, Organic Ground Sesame Seeds

Storage Instructions

Store The Seed Cycle Phase 1 and 2 containers in the fridge or freezer once opened. Be sure to keep the container sealed.

The bake mixes are best stored in the fridge or freezer to maintain freshness.

How to Seed Cycle

Phase 1 Day 1 -14 Follicular:

From day 1 (start of your menstrual cycle) until day 14 (ovulation), simply sprinkle 1 scoop onto your preferred meal or snack. It pairs perfectly with smoothies, yogurt bowls, porridge, salads, or soups.

*These guidelines are based on an average 28-day menstrual cycle. We recognize that cycles vary, and this information is provided for general reference.

Alternatively sync with the lunar calendar as the moon’s rhythm mimics a menstrual cycle. If your cycle is irregular, you are on synthetic birth control or during peri menopause or menopause commence Phase 1 on day 1 of a New Moon.

Phase 2 Day 15 – 28 Luteal:

Follow the same routine with the Phase 2 blend for the latter half of your cycle. For lunar alignment, consume this blend starting from a Full Moon.


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Seed Cycle in the Media

Experience seed cycling for 30 days risk-free

Experience seed cycling risk-free with our money-back guarantee! We're
confident in The Seed Cycle's effectiveness, backed by emerging research,
ancient wisdom, and expert insights. If you are dissatisfied, we will give you
a full refund on your first purchase.

*Terms and conditions apply, see full refund policy

The Science of Ingredients

  • Organic Flaxseeds

    Flaxseeds are an absolute powerhouse, being the most extensively researched seeds and a prime illustration of food as medicine. Packed with lignans and omega-3 fatty acids, they excel at enhancing estrogen metabolism and championing comprehensive hormone balance.

  • Organic Pumpkin Seeds

    Pumpkin seeds are a true marvel! Bursting with essential nutrients, including zinc, iron, and more, they play a pivotal role in supporting reproductive health and hormone production.

  • Organic Sesame Seeds

    Sesame seeds are a true nutritional gem! Brimming with lignans and beneficial fats, they're your go-to for promoting hormonal balance and overall well-being. What's more, they are an excellent source of calcium and a natural booster for progesterone, making them a valuable addition to your Luteal Phase.

  • Sunflower Seeds

    Sunflower seeds are your secret to radiant health! Boasting ample vitamin E, which acts as a powerful antioxidant and champions hormone regulation, it's no wonder our customers often share that their skin is glowing with vitality. These seeds are your go-to source for nourishing your body and promoting harmonious hormones.

  • Organic Seeds

    Organic Seeds

  • Gluten Free

    Gluten Free

  • Dairy Free

    Dairy Free

  • Vegan


  • Australian Made & Owned

    Australian Made & Owned

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