Seed cycling for acne, can eating seeds clear your skin?

Seed cycling for acne, can eating seeds clear your skin?

Lets talk about seed cycling for hormonal acne.

Have you tried every approach to clearing your skin, especially along your chin, cheeks, and jawline? Maybe you've tried cutting out certain foods? Have you thought about going on prescription medication or spent hundreds of dollars trying everything?

What about if I told you eating seeds could help? Eating delicious foods which contain certain seeds could help with acne? Well, it’s true – it can, and you can start doing it now!

Say hello to Seed Cycling!  

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What exactly is acne seed cycling?

It’s a gentle naturopath-recommended remedy which is suggested for hormonal imbalances such as PCOS, acne, irregular periods and infertility.

It’s as simple as consuming specific types of seeds for each phase of your menstrual cycle which helps support hormone balance.

The process involves consuming four seeds – flax, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower.

Seeds are a valuable source of nutrition and contain natural oils, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that help boost the immune system, naturally balance our hormone fluctuations, balance blood pressure and assist women experiencing hormonal issues. Learn more about how seed cycling works here.

Acne and seed cycling

Acne is often a major sign of hormone imbalance.

I know that majority of us would rely on birth control, prescription medication, & antibiotics to fix the issue, unfortunately that’s not how hormonal acne works. That is what we would call masking the problem, and not solving the issue.

Hormonal acne is a form of communication from within the body – a sign of internal imbalance. It can be an issue of excess testosterone or estrogen or caused by poor gut health. 

With seed cycling, all you are basically doing is supporting your hormones with food, which is bio-hacking.

Here’s how to start:

During phase one of your cycle (also known as the follicular phase – days 1 to 14), you will consume 1 tablespoon daily of our Phase 1 Blend.

It’s as simple as adding it to your breakfast smoothies or bowls, salads, or sprinkle them on top of your eggs and avocado!

Our Phase 1 Blend will assist with balancing estrogen, which is key during this period.

Then we jump onto phase two, the luteal phase, which is days 15-28 of your cycle.

You will consume 1 tablespoon daily of our Phase 2 Blend. Once again, simply add it to your breakfasts, lunches, dinners, or snacks… be as creative as you like!

Our Phase 2 Blend supports progesterone levels and harmonises and modulates estrogen levels.

If you are currently experiencing an irregular cycle, or no cycle at all, you will need to sync your cycle and following the moon phases. And if you’re thinking “how is that possible?”, trust me, it works and there are actual studies on it!

Follow the new moon and full moon dates and align them to your own cycle. Just remember seed cycling isn’t a quick fix solution. Yes, you might notice changes after the first month, give it 90 days (or approx. 3 cycles) to see regular menstrual cycles and other changes.

Incorporating seed cycling into your daily routine is simple & easy, yet so health beneficial, so why not give it go!

Disclaimer: The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only and is not meant to substitute professional dietary advice or treatment. 

If you have or suspect you may have allergies or medical issues which may be affected by certain foods, or if after taking any of our products you start experiencing any side effects, you should promptly contact your healthcare provider. 

Any statements regarding dietary supplements are to be used at your discretion and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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