Seed Cycling: Does baking change the nutritional value?

Seed Cycling: Does baking change the nutritional value?

Seed Cycling: Does baking change the nutritional value? The seed cycling question we are regularly asked, ‘Can we use the blends in baking?’ The truth is, there is not one correct answer. There are different viewpoints and conflicting science when it comes to the nutritional value of baking seeds for seed cycling.

Does baking the seeds change the nutritional value?

We at The Seed Cycle believe baking does not measurably change the nutritional content. Most vitamin losses are minimal during the baking method. Other cooking methods such as boiling can result in a greater loss of nutrients, particularly with water soluble vitamins. So that your body can digest and utilise the seeds they must be ground first. We do believe grinding the seeds is important and that’s why we do this for you in our blends.

Effect of Heat on Other Nutrients 


Lignans found particularly in our flax seeds are a great source of lignans, a compound resembling and mimicking human estrogen. Lignans remain stable when heated to temperatures consistent with baking. Using The Seed Cycle Phase 1 (flax seeds and pumpkin seeds blend) in muffins, brownies or seed snaps continue to provide these phytonutrients.


Our seeds in The Seed Cycle Phase 1 and 2 blends are a good source of insoluble and soluble fibre, which is unaffected by baking or high cooking temperatures.


Protein in the seeds may be broken down by heat, but this makes it more easily digested. However, Thiamine may be destroyed by high temperatures. To summarise, here at The Seed Cycle we believe baking our seed blends does not have a significant effect on most vitamins and minerals, except for potentially B vitamins. Now that you have read what we have to say and our opinion, if you are still concerned by baking the seeds changing the nutrition, it is best to stick to the signature blends unbaked, sprinkled on top of yoghurt, in smoothies, on top of a salad or in raw recipes like the bliss balls. If not, enjoy some of our baked seed cycling recipes like our seed cycling granola, muffins and seed snaps. Don’t forget to tag us in your seed cycle recipes - @the_seed_cycle and #TheSeedCycle


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