Hormone Health Event

Welcome to The Seed Cycle's First Birthday Celebration: An exclusive online event dedicated to exploring women's hormone health and natural solutions.

Over 10 days, we shared interviews and presentations from leading experts in women's hormone health. Covering topics from nutrition to naturopathy, PCOS to endometriosis, and everything in between (including seed cycling of course!), this event is sure to expand your knowledge and support you in feeling less alone on your natural hormone health journey. 

Enjoy all the replays here now!

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Day 1 - Melissa Kovacevic - Welcome and Seed Cycling Tips

Melissa is the founder of The Seed Cycle, Functional Health Canberra and the Real Food Freedom Program. She is qualified in Functional Nutrition and EFT Tapping Practitioner.

Day 2 - Cyndi O'Meara - Functional Nutrition

Meet our first guest Cyndi O’Meara. Cyndi is an internationally Acclaimed Nutritionist with 40 years experience. She is a Best-selling author, international speaker and documentary creator. Cyndi is the Founder of Changing Habits and The Nutrition Academy. Her greatest passion in life is educating others about the importance of nutrition.

Day 3 - Alice Jane & Gina Louise - The Menstraul Cycle & Training

We are super excited to introduce our guests Gina and Alice from the Body and Beyond Podcast. Alice is a Women’s Online Health and Fitness Coach, with a diploma in fitness & Personal training and an Advanced certificate in Nutrition & Health specialising in Sports & Exercise nutrition. She is a Pro Bikini Model, she loves bodybuilding and competing. Alice has worked in the industry for nearly 10 years working with women in personal training face to face and now working online to support women in achieving health and fitness goals through training and nutrition programs. Gina is a developmental and performance coach, personal trainer and gym owner with 13 years experience in the fitness industry.

Gina has degrees in coaching and exercise science and management. In recent years Gina has specialised in Neuro Linguistic Programming and meta-coaching. She supports her clients through their personal development to navigating their internal world and support them to finally identify and free themselves from their self-imposed limitations.

Day 4 - Naomi Janzen - EFT Tapping for Stress & Hormones

Meet Naomi Janzen, Accredited Master EFT Trainer and mentor for evidence based EFT and EFT international. She works with clients all over the world in her private practise and runs training workshops for practitioners in Australia and the United States in addition to practice training and mentoring Naomi works to further the cause of tapping along with mindfulness and meditation. She is the creator of the Remindfulness APP as well as the writer and co-producer of the documentary The Science of Tapping.

Day 5 - Sally Grant - Hormones & Skin Health

Sally is a Dermal Clinician who believes in a realistic and holistic approach to skin health and wellness. With over 15 years of experience Sally understands skin concerns and is passionate about educating you on the why behind her suggestions.

Day 6 - Tris Alexandra - Reverse your PCOS Symptoms

Tris Alexandra is a holistic Clinical Nutritionist specialising in women’s health, PCOS and fertility. She uses a holistic and evidence-based approach with nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation and functional testing to support women to reconnect to their body and improve their relationship with food.

DAY 7 - Kristy Knight - Understanding your PCOS Driver

Kristy is a degree qualified Naturopath who believes in a holistic, evidence-based approach to health and healing. Her practice is rooted in science, evident through her health science background, yet weaved in nature believing the body has the innate ability to heal itself, given the right environment. 

Day 8 - Isabella Gosling - Endometriosis and Adenomyosis Diagnosis

Isabella is the Founder of Let's Talk, Period., a podcast and community for people who want real talk, raw stories and reputable information when it comes to all aspects of health and wellbeing. Isabella is passionate about educating and supporting the chronic illness community to take action and make informed decisions when it comes to all aspects of their health, so they’re not just surviving, but thriving!

Day 9 - Emma Borg - Supporting your Hormones Post Pill

Emma is a degree qualified Women’s Health Naturopath. She helps women get awesome periods, clear skin and optimal fertility with an evidence based and root cause approach.

Bonus Day - Melissa Kovacevic - Key Takeaway's and Wrap Up

Join Melissa as she wraps up the event with all the key takeaway's and learnings summed up.